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Web 2.0 Technologies. Faster - Cleaner - Reusable


We use a lot of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)/jQuery technology on our sites. Examples of these are for pop-up displays, scrolling banners, instant data retrieval (non-refreshing of pages).


Content Management Systems

We use bespoke Content Management Systems to suit clients needs. They are very flexible and can be easily adapted to suit any requirements. Content Management Systems can handle all web content (automatically generates pull down menus), site news/event pages, photo galleries. They can also extend the functionality to manage color schemes, site headers and footers.


PHP Programming (MVC OOP)

PHP is one of the worlds most popular Web Programming Languages. It is very flexible and it's OO ability allows for re-usability of PHP functions. 


We use the language predominantly for data retrieval (database to webpage), website security, online databases and for performing retrival within JavaScript and JQuery applications.


Graphic Design

All graphics are developed in-house including customised CSS3. Packages we use are Inkscape, Gimp & Paint.NET 

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