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We build advanced Web forms using AJAX (Javascript & XHTML) that can work with online booking systems or advanced database querying systems.  Below you will find a link to one of these forms that you can use on our site.  We will have some more customized samples online shortly.


Client: Hillview Sports Club


We were asked by the Hillview Tennis Committee if it was possible to electronically create the application form for their annual Tennis Open (Open to Nationwide clubs). The main reason behind this was to eliminate countless mistakes/lack of correct information being submitted by paper forms and due to the fact that a lot of rules have to be adhered to in entering these Tennis Competitions (Grading Systems/Exact Competitions to play/Doubles)


We provided a failsafe application system that allowed Graded Players to only choose their grades or lower, that 2 Grade 1/2 players may not play together in Grade 3,4,5 competitions, that partners names (pullout on selection) had to be put in for doubles games.  This system was fully validated using Javscript.


Feel free to try out this system on our website here